Creating a new generation of tumor-selective targeted protein degraders

Our Science

At Ligature Therapeutics, creating potent, tumor-selective, heterobifunctional targeted protein degraders (TPDs) against difficult-to-treat cancers and other intractable diseases is at the heart of what we do.

Our Platform

By leveraging our structure-agnostic, proprietary Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) Engine to maximize efficiencies and match underexploited, tumor-selective E3 ligases with cancer target proteins, we are able to rapidly refine and construct highly potent therapies to enrich the future landscape of TPDs.

Pipeline and Partnerships

Our FBDD Engine, the foundation of Ligature’s discovery platform, has generated a robust and growing portfolio of patentable TPDs and inhibitors. A growing pipeline of TPD assets in oncology indications is being developed, up to preclinical/IND-enabling studies.

We seek to forge both asset-based and broad strategic collaborations, where our extensive FBDD capabilities and chemistry expertise can be deployed for the discovery of both small molecule E3 ligase inhibitors and TPDs.

Latest News